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Which coin should I choose to trade or hold?

Which coin to choose to trade or hold is a question that many people wonder, instead of asking that question, we should ask when to choose when to enter the market (this is the correct question). As for which coin to choose, you guys just have to rush into btc or some top coins, there’s no need to jump in and out. Don’t be greedy for each person’s piece, whoever has a profit comes out.
And one thing you should remember the crypto market is a negative sum market and is a speculative game one thing is for sure about x5 x10 or x20 coins that most of those coins are concentrated in one hand. certain number of people and when x n times are then redistributed to the crowd. There are many people who wonder when buying, the price will decrease when selling, the price will increase, this is normal because you are in the majority.
In the end, just 5 coins in your portfolio is enough and your next job is to trade or hold these 5 coins throughout your trading career and the next part is to find the answer to the question of timing. should enter the market.  And this is a speculative market, not an investment (if you guys are going to throw stones at me, please answer me before that, do you understand what blockchain is, the ecosystem behind it or does it solve problems? what or its algorithm is superior to other algorithms ntn if you can answer how many bricks and stones I get) .  And this is speculation and not gambling (if it’s short-term, it’s okay to call it gambling ) don’t think that throwing money in a few hold to die or learning a few technical analysis books will make you a bloodthirsty boss you guys.
There is no denying that there are many people who have gotten rich through crypto, but most of these people are people who have gone through 2017 fully and experienced a market cycle. Believe me, don’t look for coins to hold anymore, but find the right time to go there.

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