What is Multigame's INO & How to sign up for whitelist?

What is Multigame’s INO & How to sign up for whitelist?

This post will give you answers of these below questions:

  • What is INO?
  • What is Magic Box (The first INO of Multigame)?
  • How to sign up for INO whitelist?
  • What are NFTs inside the Magic Box and their utilities?
  • When can you buy Magic Box and open it?
  • When can you buy $MULTI?

What is INO?

INO (Initial NFTs Offering) is a feature that allows you to pre-purchase NFTs of GameFi & NFTs projects during the initial launch campaign with a special offer.

Multigame is setting up the cooperation relationships with many Gaming projects and this allows $MULTI hodlers to pre-purchase NFTs of these projects in the early stage. Each of such INO campaign will sell a limited amount of NFTs.

The utility of NFTs will rely on each project, so you need to check the detailed information about benefits that you can gain from collecting the NFTs of the related project.

What is “Magic Box”?

“Magic Box” is NFT released by Multigame, which integrated with ECHO: A fiction story was developed by Multigame.

Multigame INO

There are two types of Magic Box:

  • Common Box: You can buy this box with price of $79/box. When you open the box, you undoubtedly receive NFTs of Multigame. Nevertheless, with the first INO campaign, you can buy Magic Box at $29/box (With the limited amount of 20,000 boxes).
  • IDO Box: is a rare box which will appear randomly when you buy Common Box. If you receive this box, you will be in the whitelist to buy $MULTI in the token sale campaign at Simple LaunchPad.

The first INO of Multigame will allow you to buy Magic Box at $29/box. Nonetheless, each wallet address only can buy maximum 20 boxes, and the special offer will be 20,000 boxes.

Important! Magic Box’s value warranty mechanism

You won’t be able to open the Magic Box in August. However, if you don’t want to continue keeping it, you can sell it on the Multigame Marketplace.

(Multigame Marketplace will be launched on 5th September 2021)

Multigame’s value warranty mechanism commits to buy back Magic Box on Marketplace for $39/box.

However, please be noted that when the Magic Box can be opened at the end of September and basic GameFi features are shaped, the starting price of each box will be $79.

What are NFTs inside the box and future utilities?

When you open the box, you will have the chance to receive one of these NFTs below:

  • Characters in ECHO in basic shapes.
  • The equipment of character such as: Clothes, hat, weapon, gloves,…
  • Solders in the ECHO story.

We will announce the appearance percentage of each NFTs on media channels. Based on this rate, you can price them more accurately when the Marketplace launches.

If you collect enough NFTs, you can merge them into a character in the Echo’s story:

Multigame INO

Note: IDO Box is only for the token sale; it can not be opened. This box will be burnt after your successful $MULTI purchase.

The future utility of these NFTs is you can use these characters’ equipment to combine with basic shapes to own a complete NFTs character with unique strength and particular skill.

You can use these NFTs characters to continue participating in GameFi products of Multigame in the future.

When can I buy Magic Box & $MULTI?

Please note some important timelines as below:

  • At 15:00 UTC on 28th August, only INO whitelisted users can buy Magic Box on the official website of Multigame at a special price of $29/box. Each user can only purchase a maximum of 20 boxes.
  • If you receive IDO Box, at 15:00 UTC on 30th August, you can buy $MULTI at Multigame’s Simple LaunchPad.
  • $MULTI Pancakeswap listing will take place 1-2 hours right after the token sale.
  • At 15:00 UTC on 26th September, you can open Magic Box to receive NFTs. During waiting time, you can farming $MULTI to own more Magic Box through the “Auto NFTs Reward” feature.

How to sign up for INO Whitelist?

Only INO whitelisted users can buy Magic Box on 28th August. Follow the instructions below to sign up for INO Whitelist:

Step 1: Invite three friends

Join our Multigame Official Chat, use the “Add Members” feature of Telegram to invite your three friends into our group.

Step 2: Chat with Multigame verify bot

It would be helpful if you chat with our Multigame bot to verify step 1. The bot will also request you to join our social channels.

Successful!!!. Please wait until 28th August 2021.

When the bot announces your success, you will have to wait until 28th August 2021 to access the Magic Box page and join the INO

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