Wanaka and DuckDAO establish strategic partnership

Wanaka and DuckDAO establish strategic partnership


DuckDAO and Wanaka Farm are officially joining into a partnership as the date for the public release of the WANA token swiftly approaches. With the gaming craze in full bloom, this is a perfect opportunity for DuckDAO to gain more exposure to gaming-based blockchain projects and Wanaka Farms is a prime example.

DuckDAO will support the Wanaka Farm project with fundraising, as well as consultations and an open invitation to our network, helping them foster relationships within the DuckDAO ecosystem and expanding their opportunities to generate valuable experiences for projects and users alike.

As part of the fundraising support, DuckDAO will organize a refundable IDO (R-IDO) on behalf of Wanaka Farms on the DuckSTARTER platform on the 29th of August, with whitelisting starting from 22nd August to the 27th of August. In addition to the allocation provided to regular users, DuckSTARTER will also provide a special allocation for the Wanaka Farm early supporters, providing them with a unique opportunity to claim WANA tokens.

The whitelisting will be conducted entirely by the Wanaka Farm team and all users will have to use the DuckSTARTER platform to fulfill KYC requirements. To commemorate the partnership, Wanaka Farm will give away a limited set of 100 DuckDAO ducks to be found in the game to lucky winners in a DuckDAO organized giveaway.

Stay tuned for more!

About Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm is a decentralized video game where players immerse themselves in the role of a happy farmer by cultivating lands, crop farming, breeding pets, and decorating their own virtual land. In-game items created by players are their own assets and can be freely traded on the Wanaka marketplace.

The Wanaka Farm setting is inspired by a dreamy beautiful town from the South Island of New Zealand called Wanaka. The town of Wanaka is situated at the southern end of Lake Wanaka, surrounded by the gorgeous natural beauty of mountains, lakes, and forests. The game feel will incorporate as much sight and sound of Wanaka to evoke natural beauty and an immersive relaxing experience as possible.

Each participant will contribute to building the metaverse by combining multiple unique customized farms by creating special farms and crops. At the core of Wanaka Farm is the intention to organically build a real economy system within the game.

The Wanaka token design brings stakeholders and gamers together. Gamers build up the ecosystem making it more valuable for all involved and receive rewards in the process, providing them with real-world value for their time and energy investment.


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