Thorstarter - Whitelisting and Airdrop Guide - 9 June at 12:00 UTC

Thorstarter – Whitelisting and Airdrop Guide


We are excited to announce that applications for Thorstarter’s whitelist and airdrop will open on 9 June at 12:00 UTC.

Note: the public Strategic Sale date is still TBD, but will likely be the following week. The official date and time of the public sale , but will be soon.

The purpose of the whitelist-airdrop is to give participants a code to download XDEFI in preparation for the upcoming strategic sale, and later, to receive an XRUNE reward for their participation 💰. Having XDEFI downloaded already will allow users to deposit into the strategic sale pool as soon as it opens.

Anyone who completes the form and fulfils the steps below will receive an XDEFI access code and an airdrop of XRUNE, which will be sent after the sale date.

In this post, we will share a guide on what you need to do to to get involved:

  1. The Thorstarter Whitelist+Airdrop; and subsequently
  2. The Thorstarter Strategic Sale

What is Thorstarter ⚡️


View the following links below to find out more about Thorstarter:

Whitelist Application Process 🔨

1. Make sure you are using the XDEFI wallet

You will need to use XDEFI to be able to participate in the Thorstarter strategic public sale.

We have partnered with the XDEFI team to give whitelist applicants with early access codes for XDEFI.

Use this link to download XDEFI and a unique one-time code will be sent to your email, once you’ve completed the form. Download XDEFI.


2. Follow us on Twitter.

Follow Thorstarter on Twitter.

3. Join the Thorstarter Community on Telegram:

Join our Telegram community! You’ll be able to keep up to date with other Thorstarter community members and the whitelisting process.

4. Like & Retweet Thorstarter

Like and Retweet this Tweet from Thorstarter’s Twitter account.

5. Tag 2 friends

Tag 2 friends on this tweet and comment $RUNE & $XRUNE.

6. Submit the Whitelist Form

Complete and submit this form: 

Make sure that you have viewed the Terms & Conditions.

6. You must complete KYC to participate in the strategic public sale.

KYC is required to participate in the strategic public sale.

The Thorstarter team will review your form to check whether you are eligible to receive the Airdrop. Details for the KYC process will be shared in a follow up post, Tweet, and Telegram announcement.

Strategic Sale Overview 💥

The strategic sale will be open to all, but you will need three things to be able to participate:

  1. XDEFI installed
  2. A native Thorchain address (Once you have XDEFI installed, you will have a native Thorchain address.)

Participants will have 5 days to have completed the above. Successful participants will be determined when the whitelist is closed.

The starting public token price for the strategic round rate is $0.01.

For more information on XRUNE tokenomics, refer to this article.

Airdrop 📩

Although the strategic sale will be public and open to all, users who complete the above steps will be able to participate the earliest and fastest. The XRUNE airdrop is guaranteed and will be sent to everyone who is eligible.

Note that the XRUNE airdrop will be sent to users *after* the public sale is completed. This is to protect users from having XRUNE circulating in the market prior to the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions 🔍

Question: Do I need to pass KYC to get the airdrop?

All users must pass a basic KYC check in order to receive the XRUNE airdrop. Details for the KYC process will be shared in a follow up post, Tweet, and Telegram announcement.

Question: When is the last day I can participate in the whitelist?

The whitelist is open from 9 June at 12:00 UTC and closes on 14 June at 12:00 UTC.

Question: What is the Strategic Sale rate, and how does it compare to the Private (“seed”) Rate?

The strategic sale rate will start at $0.01 per XRUNE. The Private Sale rate was $0.02 per XRUNE.

Question: Which countries are excluded from the Strategic Sale?

The full list of excluded countries can be found in clause [x] in our Terms and Conditions.

Question: Who is eligible for the airdrop?

The XRUNE airdrop is guaranteed and will be sent to everyone who has completed the whitelist application process above.

Question: When will I receive my airdrop?

The XRUNE token airdrop will be airdropped to the community in the days leading up to the Strategic Sale.

Stay connected with the Thorstarter community 🍺

Our mission is to radically transform the way that new crypto projects source liquidity by providing a launchpad that brings cross-chain liquidity to ensure that funds are fairly raised. We can only achieve this with supporters like yourself.

Stay engaged with the Thorstarter team and community via the following channels:

⚡️ Thorstarter on Twitter

⚡️ Thorstarter on Telegram

⚡️ Thorstarter on Discord


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