StarTerra Public Sale Whitelist

StarTerra Public Sale Whitelist

StarTerrans, the quest for allocations is about to begin… We’re climbing aboard the spaceship ‘Public Sale’ and leaving earth with a trip to Luna and beyond. We are looking for the most dedicated community members to climb aboard and will be rewarding them with a whitelist spot for our public sale!

As you may know by were the FIRST Gamified Launchpad and we’re applying gamification to our Public sale whitelist to give everyone a chance to participate!

Our Gamified whitelist for a ticket to the public sale will be a lottery based competition where the more StarTerra Energy points you earn, the more tickets you’ll have for the Lottery. Obviously the more lottery tickets you have the higher chance you have of winning, however it being a lottery everyone who participates has a chance to win. We’ve installed antibot measures for this contest just as we have throughout all our processes.

How does one gain StarTerra Energy points? The process is simple, by completing various tasks worth points you obtain StarTerra Energy!

Here’s a simple guide:

  • First you must register for our competition with this link (you may use email/facebook/twitter to login)
  • Once registration is finalized you’ll have a list of tasks to complete
  • The first two tasks “Retweet a Tweet” and “Follow Star Terra on Twitter” are Mandatory. Your account will not be eligible for the Lottery until those two tasks have been completed.
  • As soon as those two tasks have been completed your entry into our Gamified lottery is secured!

Upon completion of the first two tasks you will unlock the remaining tasks which can be completed to earn more StarTerra Energy! The more StarTerra Energy you have the more tickets into our lottery you’ll receive.

  • You will receive additional points scaled by the value added peaking with highest scoring option “Refer a Friend and get extra StarTerra Energy for each additional lottery participant” which is worth an extra 5 points!!
  • For every additional person that participates in the lottery and completes the first two tasks, 5 points will be rewarded to the referrer, allowing a maximum of amount 764 of StarTerra Energy to be earned.

Warning: Any Fake or Double Entries will be automatically disqualified from our Public Sale Whitelist Lottery and Future Lotteries we have scheduled.

We’ve also introduced a Top 100 leaderboard as we want to reward our Top StarTerra Energy scorers! The Top 100 StarTerra Energy scorers will have a GUARANTEED spot aboard our special WhaleCraft cabin on the Public Sale Rocketship!

The remaining 400 spots will be chosen in a lottery, where the more StarTerra Energy you have, the more lottery tickets you receive!

Each Whitelist entry will have a guaranteed spot in our public sale until the 48 hour contribution timer runs out. Each spot ensures up to a $500 allocation at our listing price of $0.14 usd per token for Public sale(our seed/private rounds were at $0.12 usd). In order to be compliant with regulatory restrictions all whitelisted participants which send contributions on time will be asked to follow KYC procedure.

StarTerrans, the competition for our Public Sale Whitelist starts August 11 at 19:00UTC(7pm) and ends on August 15th at 18:59UTC(6:59pm)!

Best of Luck,

Commander Pan Paragraf

It’s worth mentioning, the public sale won’t be the only way to get StarTerra Tokens! Our goal is to distribute them fairly amongst most engaged community members so after the end of public sale we will carry out community airdrop amongst 10k members with 100 STT tokens per each. We will also introduce special anti-bot measures to prevent unfair activity and benefit the true #Lunatics. Stay tuned!

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