Sakura Pre-Crowdloan is live! Stake KSM and Receive up to 20% $SKU

Sakura Pre-Crowdloan is live! Stake KSM and Receive up to 20% $SKU Bonus

Sakura Pre-Crowdloan:

Sakura Parachain Pre-Crowdloan Reward Rules

  • Crowdloan cap: 100,000 KSM
  • Base reward per participant: 200 SKU/KSM
  • Minimum Stake amount: 1KSM
  • Invite your friends to join Stake and earn 5% of the SKU rewards from your referrals base rewards
  • The top 10,000 users who complete the Stake will receive bonus rewards. The ranking will be based on the on-chain transaction information
    – 0001–2500 20% bonus
    – 2501–5000 15% bonus
    – 5001–7500 10% bonus
    – 7501–10000 5% bonus
  • Users who participate in Stake before the bid will receive 1 SKU per every KSM staked as interest every day.
  • After Sakura successfully wins the slot, the rewards will be distributed as follows:
    – 28% will be released immediately
    – 72% will be released linearly within 48 weeks.

How to participate

To participate in the Sakura Parachain Pre-Crowdloan, you need to install the Clover Extension Wallet in a Chrome browser. [Download Clover Extension Wallet]

After the installation, you can either create a new address or import your KSM address. If your KSM are bonded, you will need to unbond your KSM first.

  1. Visit And connect your wallet

2. Click [Stake Now]

Sakura Pre-Crowdloan

3. Enter the amount of KSM you want to stake, fill the details, and click [Confirm Stake]

4. After the transaction is completed, you will see your ranking and other information about your Stake on the webpage.

Sakura Pre-Crowdloan

How to invite others

1. Visit:

2. Connect your Clover wallet

3. Click [Invite Friends]

4. Generate your unique invitation code

Sakura Pre-Crowdloan

5. Copy your invitation link and send it to your friend. After your friend completes the Stake, you will get a 5% SKU of the friend’s base reward.


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