ProjectX as the upcoming IDO project on BSCPad ...

ProjectX as the upcoming IDO project on BSCPad


ProjectX provides a full suite of tools that bring together #NFT Collectors, Creators, & Traders.

Creators can utilize their royalties to donate to charity, in farming, or as collateral for a loan
The platform supports NFT backed ETFs – these products provide exposure to a diversified, expertly curated basket of non fungible assets via liquid ETFs (ERC-20 tokens)
By adding their NFTs to a pool, traders can receive ProjectX native tokens that can be used for staking, farming and more. This allows NFT collectors and owners to generate passive income on their assets
ProjectX is building a strong network of influencers to promote and bring diverse content to the platform

#PROJECTX $XIL IDO Information:
✅ Staking Eligibility Deadline: Tuesday June 8th, 5 AM UTC
✅ Allocation Round: Tuesday June 8th, 8 AM UTC
✅ FCFS Round: Tuesday June 8th, 1 PM UTC
✅ Pancakeswap Launch: Tuesday June 8th, Time TBA

▪️Stake enough $BSCPAD tokens to achieve your desired tier:
▪️Complete KYC (one time process)
▪️Both of these steps must be completed to be eligible for participation
Bronze🥉(1000-2499 tokens) and Silver🥈(2500-4999 tokens) must complete additional tasks to be eligible:

1. Join the #PROJECTX Telegram:
2. Follow #PROJECTX on Twitter:
3. Follow #BSCPAD on Twitter:
4. Send an original tweet (not a reply) from your Twitter account that includes the #BSCPAD and $XIL hashtags

Fill in form Whitelist:


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