Privi Pix is Launching Its IDO on TrustPad!

Privi Pix is Launching Its IDO on TrustPad!

Privi Pix, an Instagram for NFTs, packed with features which give NFTs superior-like utility, will be launching its IDO on TrustPad on August 26th.

Currently the problem with most popular NFT platforms is that they reside on Ethereum and for most, high gas fees makes creating and investing in NFTs economically unfeasible. Secondly, there simply is no mobile app that compares to the robustness of Instagram, an app that NFT platforms should aspire to in app design and today, most all NFT tech is accessed through web browsers. Thirdly, NFTs being smart contracts, can essentially be encoded with human thought, the platforms today do not provide nearly enough use cases for NFTs.

Privi Pix tackles these issues head on and allows you to create NFTs out of your digital creations and discover all NFTs on Ethereum, concentrated into one platform. All transactions occur on Polygon blockchain, retaining Ethereum liquidity yet obviating high gas fees. The platform also allows you to collaborate with other artists to create Pods and digital collections and sell NFTs with auctions and a marketplace.

Privi Pix is innovating the NFT space and returning control back to artists and fans through decentralised governance. We are very excited to be working closely with the team and launching the project on August 26th.

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