What make Multigame unique and different from many other GameFi projects?

What make Multigame unique and different from many other GameFi projects?

Multigame unique

You have just known about Multigame? Beside the first impression, you probably have not yet had deep understanding about our platform.

We have received a question in our Telegram Chat today:

“What make Multigame unique among many other developing GameFi projects?

The answer can not be just presented by a few messages. Therefore, we would like to share with you this article to let you easier understand about Multigame’s potentials.

Following are “uniquenesses” of Multigame.

The first INO platform is combined with IDO

Multigame is a unique NFTs launching platform (INO) which is combined with IDO. As you already knew, we are launching our first INO campaign this 28th August. That is Magic Box Sale.

And if you own the rare box (IDO Box), you will have right to join IDO on 30th August.

This is a perfect combination on a GameFi platform that can offer both NFTs and tokens to users at a low cost.

This mechanism will also create the “Fair”, prevent the frauds more effectively than other normal forms of IDO whitelist that are implemented on a large scale.

Multigame unique

The “Fair Launch” and Modern Technology Combination

You will probably see a lot of Memecoins are implementing Fair Launch projects (the Dev team does not hold any tokens and join in project as same as the community does). But most of these Memecoins don’t have any specific products.

Multigame is the first Fair Launch project with many features are launching in soonest time (End of August and early September) including:

  • INO: It is also known as NFTs Pad
  • Token Sale: Which we called as Simple LaunchPad
  • “GameFi Focused” Marketplace: Where you can exchange NFTs with the community.
  • Auto NFTs Reward: Hold or join farming to earn more NFTs

Multigame has specific features, and we are focusedly designing and developing our own Game for the community. Our goal is becoming the multitasking and useful platform for GameFi.

Multigame unique

Check out our Light Paper: https://docsend.com/view/kjjiq5h39g7jdfjk

You won’t be bored when waiting for our Game

After joining token sale of any certain developing Game project, you usually have to wait until it launches.

What will you do during this waiting time?

Multigame is a “Multitasking” platform, we do not need to rely on GamePlay to attract users. We can create many more interesting things during your game waiting time, such as:

  • Implementing more INO projects that allocations are only for $MULTI holders or NFTs collectors.
  • NFTs Auto Rewards for $MULTI holders or farmers.
  • Creating community driven campaigns to build up the stronger community.
  • Allowing you to join the Farming to earn more $MULTI.

“GameFi Focused” Marketplace

You have probably seen or used many NFTs marketplaces before. But at Multigame, we focus on GameFi. This means you will be able to easily search many NFTs of Games.

We focus on niche as GameFi is a general trend of cryptocurrency market. This sounds simple but developing niche will help us standing out of other generic marketplaces.

Tokenomics is the key

At Multigame, we value fair designs not only from the beginning period but also especially in the token launching stage

Development team does not hold tokens: We have the same thoughts as Charlie Lee (Litecoin Founder) that holding tokens will cause the dev team to LOSE FOCUS on product development and may lead to “misleading conflicts” from the community.

So where does our operation budget come from? We have raised funds from private sale. They will stick with the project for 12 months and accept the long-term locked tokens.

In addition, we also charge the platform fees for our products, such as INO, Simple Launch or Marketplace. Besides, a 1% transaction fee based on the “automatic distribution mechanism” will be enough for us to implement marketing strategies for the community development.


Above are 5 strengths that we are aiming to create our own position in the GameFi market. And of course, we can not be successful without you guys. A strong community is the most important key to overcome all other competitors.

We are continuously conducting many community campaigns and we commit 10% of token supply is for these activities in 2 years.

For now, let’s look forward to the 2 upcoming events.

🗓 INO: 28th August

🗓 IDO: 30th August


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