Kryptomon — The $KMON IDO on Poolz Finance ...

Kryptomon — The $KMON IDO on Poolz Finance


To make sure the IDO goes off without a hitch, we’ve partnered with Poolz Finance, a well established cross-chain IDO platform with plenty of experience in the sector. The IDO has been confirmed for the 23rd of August 2021, but there are a couple of pre-requisite tasks that need to be completed before the day of the IDO so make sure you don’t leave these till the last minute!

1️⃣ Get whitelisted

At this point make sure you have either 500 Poolz in your wallet or 250 Poolz staked in the pools on Poolz. This step is required in order to qualify for the whitelist. You can find the pools here.

Once you’re done, you’ll be in the running to win a chance to participate in the IDO! The Poolz team will then randomly pick out the lucky winners 24 hours in advance and notify you via their social media platforms.

2️⃣ Register your wallet

Example from the Bunicorn page

Make sure your Metamask wallet is connected to the BSC Mainnet and hit the purple “Sign Up” button. Simply accept the transaction on Metamask (which should cost about $0.30 in gas fees) and you’re done!

3️⃣ Get your KMON!

Hit the “Join” button and enter in the amount of BNB you’d like to exchange for $KMON and confirm the transaction on the Metamask popup. That’s it!

Remember: The maximum amount of $KMON purchasable by any one wallet during the IDO is $750 worth. That’s a max ticket size of 125,000 $KMON.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors will only be able to participate in the IDO by depositing BNB. No other currencies will be used. Poolz or BUSD will not be accepted

How much will be the gas fees cost when registering and participating in the IDO?

As explained before in BSC Basics and Gas Fees article, neither the Kryptomon nor the Poolz team will benefit from the gas fees you pay. The amount is completely dependent on the BSC during the IDO and not something we can control. However, since these will be relatively simple transactions, we estimate that the gas fees will be less than $1 each.

Will the amount of Poolz I have staked or held in my wallet affect my chances of winning an IDO participation slot?

Great question! While you do need a minimum of 250 Poolz staked in the pools or 500 Poolz held in your wallet in order to qualify for the whitelist, any additional Poolz staked or held will not have any effect on your chances of winning. Everyone will have an equal chance of being selected as winners so long as you meet the minimum requirements .

Closing Thoughts

You’ll have to be quick though since once $KMON is listed, the fluctuations in price will be out of our hands and completely based on the market forces of demand and supply.

Signing off for now, see you in game fellow trainer!


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