KickPad Staking Guide and Farming Rewards — An Overview

KickPad Staking Guide and Farming Rewards — An Overview


Another week full of IDOs and more. The KickPad platform is receiving some cool updates as well. The official go-live dates for these changes will be released soon, but here are the updates in summary:

  • A change to IDO sale staking system

Updates to IDO System, a Summary

A 3rd Round:

We are happy that the KickPad community shows so much demand for the IDOs. We oversubscribe and our community generates incredible amounts of buy pressure on the IDOs.

However because we guarantee everyone allocation, there will always be some people who are asleep, busy, or have an inability to join the sale at the given times. This leads to “unsold” tokens.

Think of it this way: If we guarantee 100 people a spot in an IDO, there will be 5 or 6 people that will not be able to participate. Life happens.

While we all know that this is not because of a lack of interest in the projects, we still acknowledge that it does not look very good publicly. Let’s be honest, nobody likes hearing that only “92% of the tokens were sold”. Whatever the reason for this, it just looks… amateur.

So we are changing that.

We are adding a 3rd round to our sale, where all the unsold tokens from Round 1 and Round 2 will be available in a First-come-first-served round available to anyone. This will allow the unsold tokens to be shared with the community.

Farming Rewards:

Additionally we are bringing the Staking and Farming section of the site live.

This will allow you to stake LP tokens to earn KPAD tokens as rewards.

Updates, In Depth Details

We have added a 3rd round (Bronze Round) to our staking system. This will allow community members to completely fill the sale and obtain the unsold tokens from Gold and Silver rounds.

Gold Round (90% of sale):

  • 90% of tokens sold here

Silver Round (10% of sale):

  • 10% of tokens sold here

Bronze Round (all leftover and unsold tokens):

  • All unsold tokens from Gold and Silver rounds will be sold here

General Staking Info— Important:

  • All new stakes are locked for 7 days.

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