Introducing The Shield ITO - Initial Twitter Offering ...

Introducing The Shield ITO – Initial Twitter Offering

The Shield ITO

Shield is The First Risk-Free Decentralized Perpetual Platform

The risk-free perpetual contract is Shield’s answer to the existing limitations within the decentralized derivative ecosystem. It uses a combination of a dual liquidity pool model, SLD (the native token of the platform), a decentralized brokerage system, and external liquidators to counteract the existing limitations.

The Shield ITO

Shield will launch the ITO (Initial Twitter Offering). Following this, Shield DAO will fill the liquidity pool with all funds raised from the ITO (USDT+SLD) as initial liquidity for SLD!

Shield (SLD) ITO will be divided into three rounds on the @Shield_Dao official Twitter.

As a reward to our incredible community for the trust and support right from the start, we will launch a Shield Go Round (also known as a whitelist) for the Shield community.

Note that only participants with their KYC completed would be eligible for the ITO in every round. The whitelist will be distributed globally to the Shield partner community to convey appreciation and draw more partners who will move ahead with Shield.

Part 1: Mask Network Community

Shield is extremely pleased to be one of the first DeFi protocols on Mask Network to launch an ITO through the DAO review mechanism. Shield will provide two exclusive benefits to the Mask Network community.

  • Users with 1,000 or more $Mask and who have passed KYC are eligible for this ITO participation. (A snapshot of the number of $MASK balance will be taken at a random time)
  • All users who hold 300 $MASK or more can participate in the Airdrop Pool. (Details to be announced after the ITO)
  • 1. $ Mask balance ≥ 300, Factor 100%
  • 2. $ Mask balance ≥1,000, Factor 130%
  • 3. $Mask balance ≥1,000 and not successfully winning the ITO, Factor 150%

Part 2: Shield Go Whitelist (Due at 9:00AM.EST June 2)

Like we just mentioned, Shield has opened an ITO whitelist campaign.

👉 [] 👈

Shield has opened an ITO whitelist campaign for everyone. Follow the instructions in the link to complete the tasks one by one to qualify for the Shield ITO KYC.

Shield will send KYC emails to those selected for the whitelist on a DAILY BASIS during the campaign period. Once fill out the KYC procedure, then pass it to participate in the Shield ITO. Shield Go campaign and KYC procedure will be executed by “First come, first serve”. Act fast!

Part 3: Shield (SLD) ITO ThankYou Whitelist

DeFi has been developed and designed by an open community. It’s why it belongs to all of us. It’s also why we thought of commencing this even by paying tribute to our partners who ceaselessly support Shield. A list submitted by Shield’s DeFi KOL partners, organizations, and communities (who are often awarded at AMAs or other events)

We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to it!

Things You Need to Know About Shield (SLD) ITO


Shield Official Twitter (@Shield_Dao)

Quote Token:


Remember that:

1. Each user gets to participate once in three ITO rounds (winners will be eliminated in the next round).

2. After being whitelisted, you need to finish the KYC. Follow us on Twitter (@shield_dao) for the newest announcements.

3. If the previous round of SLDs is not sold out, the remaining SLDs will be added to the next round of ITO. Each round of ITO will last for 1 hour.

About liquidity pools and SLD releases

Liquidity pool platform: Uniswap

Liquidity Pool Currency: USDT+SLD

Liquidity Pool Size: All funds raised from ITO with the corresponding value of SLD

ITO- Disclaimer

Even though Shield is managed and operated by a DAO, users from the United States and China are not permitted from engaging in this ITO to dodge any possible regulatory risks. The Mask Network plugin will prohibit IP addresses from the United States and China. Therefore, if you are keen to participate in the ITO, ensure that you do not live in these countries and regions and are not citizens or tax residents of these countries and regions. If you choose to participate (by applying the Mask plugin or transferring digital assets to the ITO contract), you cannot be, by default, a citizen or tax resident of one of these countries. The users willing to receive Shield ITO need to have undergone identity verification (KYC) to ensure that they are not from any of the above countries.

Note that your submission signifies your insurance of the authenticity of the information you offered and your readiness to accept any other responsibilities that may arise.

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