Instructions On Joining Step Hero’s IDO On LaunchZone

Instructions On Joining Step Hero’s IDO On LaunchZone

Step Hero IDO

Whitelist for IDO Step Hero on LaunchZone will officially open at 3:00 A.M UTC August 3rd and close at 16:00 UTC August 13th.

Subscribers to the LaunchZone whitelist can also participate in the Whitelist Referral Program to receive NFT rewards from Step Hero.

Whitelist Details

  • Whitelist opened at: 3:00 UTC on August 3rd
  • Whitelist closed at: 16:00 UTC on August 13th
  • Whitelist result announced at: 8:00 UTC August 14th
  • Total number of whitelisted wallets: 500
  • Max contribution/Wallet address: $100

How to register for whitelist?

  • Step 2: Create a whitelist account & verify your whitelist account. Instruction: Link
  • Step 3: Complete the whitelist missions, including:
  1. Join Step Hero’s Announcement Channel on Telegram: Link
  2. Join Step Hero’s Telegram Group: Link
  3. Follow Step Hero on Twitter: Link
  4. Retweet this post with hashtags #StepHero $HERO: Link
Step Hero IDO
Step Hero IDO Whitelist on LaunchZone
  • Step 4: After successful whitelist registration, you will receive a referral link. Share this referral link to as many people as possible for a chance of receiving valuable NFT rewards from our Whitelist Referral Program.

Whitelist Referral Rewards

  • Top 1: 5 Premium Treasure Chests
  • Top 2: 3 Premium Treasure Chests
  • Top 3: 2 Premium Treasure Chests
  • Top 4 — Top 10: 1 Premium Treasure Chest
  • Top 11 — Top 20: 1 Basic Treasure Chest



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