How to use Launchpad For Participating in IDOs

How to use Launchpad For Participating in IDOs Launchpad

*This guide is for those who are whitelisted on the IDOs.

IOS: Trust Wallet

1. Open (Safari browser only)

Safepal Wallet

1- Open the wallet dapp browser type

Truswallet Android Users Only:

1. Copy the link of the IDO page you want to participate.


Custom RPC

Participating in the IDOs:

After these steps, when participation period is open; first click on the “Buy” button that appears. And then;

  • Select the amount of BNB you want to participate with (you can not participate more than your tier cap).
  • Then click confirm.
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet after that.
  • When your transaction is complete, there will be a popup which will show that your transaction is succeeded, with the txn hash.

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