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Everything you need to know about DuckSTARTER


DuckSTARTER is a service platform that helps connect projects with users for public token offerings.

  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
  • Offering Methods: Batch Lottery (ETH) & First Come First Serve (BSC)
  • Supported stablecoins: USDC

One-stop-shop guide for DuckSTARTER users.

To participate in any project’s Public Offering on DuckSTARTER users must fulfill a few steps:

  1. Have a DuckTIER (unless T0 is available)
  2. Complete KYC with Blockpass
  3. Follow the project on Twitter and Telegram
  4. Follow DuckDAO on Twitter and Telegram
  5. Comment on a specific tweet
  6. Show up for the sale!

DuckSTARTER Whitelists

The whitelists are a way to ensure that users are providing support to the project, get connected to official channels, and have everything they need to be successful with DuckSTARTER. They are shared on the official DuckSTARTER announcement channel on Telegram and Twitter.

They are relatively simple forms that contain all of the necessary information for the users, such as which tweet to engage with, which groups to join, and a list of all of the steps necessary to become eligible for the public offering.

One of the whitelist requirements is having a DuckTIER (with the exception of sales that allow Tier 0 users).

DuckSTARTER Methods

Users compete to be the first ones to complete a transaction to claim their spot in the offering. Users only compete with other users in their tier.

Users are randomly chosen across three batches to participate in the public offering. The first batch has a very high chance to participate at normal gas costs, the second batch has a medium chance, and the third and final batch has low chances of successfully claiming a spot.

DuckSTARTER Tiers:

Here is a list of all of the tiers on the DuckSTARTER platform:

  • Tier 0–0 DUCK
  • Bronze — 2,000 DUCK
  • Silver — 5,000 DUCK
  • Gold — 10,000 DUCK
  • Platinum — 20,000 DUCK
  • Champion — 100,000 DUCK

Click here to see how to get your DuckSTARTER tier.

To earn the Tiers, users will be required to lock-in DUCK tokens on the DuckSTARTER platform. Early unlocking will trigger a penalty burn, but the amount burned depends on how many days have passed since your most recent DUCK lock-in.

  • Deposit < 10 days — 30% Burn
  • Deposit < 20 days — 25% Burn
  • Deposit < 30 days — 20% Burn
  • Deposit < 60 days — 10% Burn
  • Deposit < 90 days — 5% Burn
  • After 90 days — 0% Burn

The count is reset every time you make a deposit.

Once you’ve gotten a DuckTIER you’ll see something like this to reflect your current DuckSTARTER tier on https://duckstarter.io/account


You will need to complete a simple KYC process to be eligible to participate in the a project’s public offering. We use Blockpass for KYC verification, due to its simplicity and speed. To get your account KYC verified, simply click the “KYC your wallet now” button in your DuckSTARTER account dashboard.

Click here to see how to complete Blockpass KYC verification.

That’s it! With this information you should be able to navigate the DuckSTARTER process, however, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the official DuckSTARTER Telegram group.

Visit this link to check your KYC Status https://identity.blockpass.org/

Use the same email you provided during your KYC submission.

Smart Contract Approval

Each DuckSTARTER public offering is a unique smart contract that needs to be approved. This action can be taken in advance, as soon as the pool is presented on the DuckSTARTER website.

To approve a smart contract, you need to click the “Approve” button and make a transaction. Once approved, this button will be grayed out and say “Granted”.

Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast-track their progress on the path to success.


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