Casper Network - Technical Release Notes and Changelog for 1.2.0

Casper Network – Technical Release Notes and Changelog for 1.2.0

Casper network

Version 1.2.0 of the Casper Network is launching on the mainnet by May 28th, with testnet live by May 19th. Below, check in with updates about the technical release and changelog.


Key Dates:

Key milestones for the current 1.2.0 release to Mainnet:

Key Changes:

  1. Created REST endpoint for OpenRPC schema.
  2. More consensus and block proposer log messages added.
  3. Era supervisors must access, only deploy hashes, which will be stored separately from block bodies.
  4. Networking component instrumentation to gain more insight into the network before making any changes.
  5. Block Validator now distinguishes between deploys and transfers.
  6. Configurable delay added before proposing deploys.
  7. Added last emergency_restart field to chainspec.
  8. From Config broadcast_channel_size removed.
  9. Quantstamp Audit changes Part 1.
  10. Default deploy TTL reduced to 30mins.
  11. CSPR.Live changes — release notes .

Known Issues:

After an upgrade the era metric is set to 0. This does not impact the Security, Performance or features of the network detrimentally.

Call to Action:

Please refer to the table below for the expected actions and notes therein for various users of the Casper Mainnet network.




Special Notes

dApp Developer/Contract Author



Special Notes




Special Notes

Future Work:

This enlists the roadmap and work in progress for upcoming releases.

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