Boson Protocol announces World Mobile as dCommerce...

Boson Protocol announces World Mobile as dCommerce ecosystem partner

Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol, the Web3 dCommerce primitive that solves the digital to physical redemption problem, is delighted to announce that World Mobile, the first mobile network built on the blockchain, will become a partner of the dCommerce ecosystem.

World Mobile and Boson Protocol will collaborate around providing a dCommerce marketplace for World Mobile network users that reduces the cost and friction created by eCommerce intermediaries, enabling buying and selling to be more affordable, secure and beneficial for users.

World Mobile’s vision is to create a world where everyone, everywhere is connected, enabling those who are currently offline and unconnected to share and experience decentralised finance and economic freedom. World Mobile estimates that 3.7 Billion people are unconnected worldwide. Traditional telecom networks won’t invest in the last mile to connect remote places because of the expense in deployment and maintenance; basically it’s not profitable. The World Mobile solution uses blockchain technology, solar power energy, unlicensed spectrum, and the sharing economy to reduce costs and enable networks to reach remote areas, creating digital inclusion for everyone.

Boson Protocol enables trustless digital-to-physical redemption by using NFTs encoded with game theory and disrupts e-commerce platforms by tokenizing things and their data within a liquid digital market, built on DeFi. This enables the creation of a decentralized commerce ecosystem, powered by a stack of specialist applications, resulting in the demonopolization and democratization of commerce.

“I am thrilled about our partnership with World Mobile; it represents the start of real digital inclusion for those not digitally connected in parts of the world overlooked by the big Telcos. Being able to offer a dCommerce experience that supports and rewards buyers and sellers as part of a larger impactful decentralised integration is a great honor for Boson Protocol.”

Justin Banon, Co-Founder, Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol is a foundational primitive which solves the digital to physical redemption problem to enable decentralized autonomous commerce. Boson disrupts closed ecommerce platforms with an open, tokenized economy of things, powered by DeFi and Web3 data.

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