Announcing the Next Project Launching on SuperStarter: Virtue Poker

Announcing the Next Project Launching on SuperStarter: Virtue Poker

Virtue Poker

SuperFarm community, are you ready to challenge your luck? SuperFarm is excited to announce the next high-caliber project launching on SuperStarter: Virtue Poker. The ConsenSys-backed platform for playing provably fair poker on the blockchain is ready to shake up the gambling industry.

Having recently closed a $5 million strategic investor round, Virtue Poker is ready to come to market by launching its IDO on SuperStarter. Besides leveraging SuperFarm’s state-of-the-art launchpad technology, the two projects will further collaborate on integrating NFTs into the Virtue Poker platform.

  • Whitelist Open: May 21st, 1pm UTC
  • Whitelist Close: May 23rd, 1pm UTC
  • Virtue Poker IDO Date: May 28th, TIME TBA
  • Fill in your details in the Whitelist Form
  • Join Virtue Poker’s Telegram:

Virtue Poker: Disrupting the Gambling Industry

The tech behind Virtue Poker’s platform has been in the making since 2016, leveraging blockchain technology and P2P networking to provide a safe and honest environment to play online poker.

While gambling and online casino projects have been around in the blockchain space for quite some time, none of them truly achieved their ultimate goal: Providing a great user experience and reaching mass adoption.

With its top-tier backers and first-class technology, Virtue Poker has an excellent shot at achieving its vision and disrupting the half a trillion dollar gambling industry in the coming months and years.

What Sets Virtue Poker Apart from the Competition

Leveraging blockchain technology gives Virtue Poker a distinct advantage over today’s online casinos since Virtue Poker never holds the players’ funds. Instead, they are held in escrow by Ethereum smart contracts.

Another significant advantage is that Virtue’s Poker’s GLI certified “peer-to-peer shuffling protocol” allows for much more transparency and game security since the playing decks are never located on a centralized server.

What sets Virtue Poker apart from existing blockchain projects is that it’s the only blockchain-based poker platform licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which results in bigger regulatory clarity and safety for investors.

To top it all off: Virtue Poker already has a growing player base with 10k+ downloads, 5k+ registered users, and over 5 million hands played in Open Beta.

Backed by Some of the Best Known Names in the Industry

To add to Virtue Poker’s promising starting position, one only has to look at the projects’ team and backers:

  • Virtue Poker is led by co-founder and CEO Ryan Gittleson Ryan, a seasoned business development and marketing professional.
  • Virtue Poker’s exclusive professional partnerships include 3 of the top all-time live earning pros: Phil Ivey, Dan Colman, and Brian Rast.
  • Virtue Poker was incubated by ConsenSys, the world’s premier blockchain venture production studio, and has Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin as a technical advisor.
  • The project saw multiple successful investment rounds, including reputable VCs such as Pantera Capital, Fenbushi Capital, ConsenSys, DFG Group, Digital Strategies, Flurry Capital, and JRR.

The $VPP Token and Its Utility

At the core of Virtue Poker’s platform lies the $VPP token, which the SuperFarm community will get access to through the upcoming IDO on SuperStarter. The $VPP token will have the following utility:

  • Staking to run Justice Nodes and earn 50% of the platform’s fees
  • Accessing marketing initiatives
  • Saving on fees on the platform
  • Governance: Shaping the development of the Virtue Poker platform

$VPP Tokenomics

Token ticker: $VPP

Total supply: 500,000,000

Initial circulating supply: 12,209,920

Price of the last round: $0.125

Initial market cap on listing: $1,526,240


Private 1: 0% released on TGE, daily vesting after 6-month cliff over 8 months (14 months total)

Private 2: 0% released on TGE, daily vesting after 6-month cliff over 8 months (14 months total)

Strategic: 0% released on TGE, daily vesting after 1-month cliff over 8 months (9 months total)

Partner Round: 20% released on TGE, then daily vesting over 3 months (4 months total)

Community (2018): No lockup

Public: No lockup

Liquidity: 20% released on TGE, then 10% a month over 8 months

Ecosystem: Based on platform usage

Team: 0% released on TGE, daily vesting after 6-month cliff over 12 months (18 months total)

Reserve: Locked for 24 months

Full $VPP token metrics can be found: HERE

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