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A Guide to the Genpad pre-IDO Process

Who is eligible for the preIDO whitelist ? 👩‍🦰 👨

The whitelist draw for the pre-IDO launch will be open to these categories of investors

1 — GenAccess Club members ( Eligible $GS holders ) ♣️

75% of the launch allocation will be for GenAccess Club members. Club Membership can be attained by holding the adequate number of $GS tokens ( relevant for the first launch ) / Gen Access NFTs ( applicable for future launches )

2 — Non-Access Club members (Open Community) 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

25% of the launch allocation would be for the open community who are not Gen Access Club members. This would have lower odds of getting a spot (less # slots, much higher # applicants ).

3 — Special entry slots 🎁

There will also be a few special entry slots for $GS GenTicket holders and top $GS token hodlers — details below.

How you can get whitelisted 📝

Here we will lay out the whitelist procedure for both groups of investors — Access Club members and non-Access Club members

1 . Process for Gen Access Club members ♣️

6 simple steps to take part in a Whitelist

  1. $GS token holders are able to join Gen Access Clubs on the basis of holdings in their wallet. The Clubs are Black, Gold, Pink and Silver, in decreasing order of allocation.
  2. Club members get access to the whitelist form and allocation details for each project within their respective Clubs (steps to join a Gen Access Club can be found here)
  3. 📌 The whitelist form needs to be filled as a minimum requirement to be considered for the preIDO whitelist
  4. There will, additionally, be two token snapshots taken for Gen Access Club members — you need to be holding required number of tokens on both occasions to be eligible for the whitelist
  • 📌 The second wallet snapshot will be taken at a randomly selected date & time before the pre-IDO launch

2. Process for non-Access Club members 🃏


A parallel process will be held for non $GS holders, with a whitelist decided through lottery.

3. Special entry slots 🎁

3a) Gen ticket NFT holders

  • 2 Gold Gen Ticket holders will win an allocation corresponding to the Gen Access Gold Club.
  • 3 Pink Gen Ticket holders will win an allocation corresponding to the Gen Access Pink Club.
  • 4 Silver Gen Ticket holders will win an allocation corresponding to the Gen Access Silver Club.
  1. 📌 The first wallet snapshot will be taken within 12 hours of the project being announced

3b) Top $GS token hodlers — Guaranteed Allocation ✅

What happens after the whitelist ? ⏭

  1. The whitelist results will be declared before the launch date.
  • ii- Open community members (lottery winners)
  • iii- $GS GenTicket NFT holders (lottery winners)
  • iv- $GS token hodlers (guaranteed allocation)

Stay tuned for the biggest update tomorrow ! 🔥

Genpad is coming.


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